What do we even know about ourselves? Things we are proud of and things we prefer to keep secret.

But there are blind spots and unknowns where we do not know ourselves.

Better than focusing on how to minimize the data circulating about us would be to have smarter tools for better insights.

SocialCompass gives you a tool that is incorruptible, accurate and helps you learn more about yourself, discover new viewpoints, and learn how to improve relationships.

SocialCompass Interprets "Honest Signals"

SocialCompass reconstructs non-verbal cues from e-mail and body language that help you navigate your emotional world to overcome isolation, loneliness, and stress. Just like Google Maps shows where somebody is in the physical world, where they can go, and where the bottlenecks and traffic jams are, the SocialCompass helps you navigate the social landscape of your emotions and the emotions of others to create a happy unified virtual team. It helps you understand how you see others, how others see you, and what you can do to be happier, and more collaborative and productive.

The SocialCompass is calculated based on an individual's communication behavior, by analyzing an individual's interaction with others through e-mail and calendar. The SocialCompass takes full care of individual privacy, by running on an individual smartphone, only aggregated anonymized data can be voluntarily shared with others. SocialCompass is based on over 15 years of research at the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence and University of Cologne, it leverages the latest developments of AI and deep learning which have been pioneered by our team.

Mobile App

Email data

How many emails you sent and receive

See how quickly you respond to emails, and how much you improved over time

Calendar data

How many meetings you had in the last 7 days, and what they were about

You last and next meeting


Find out who among your colleagues is most in synch with you

When your lines meet that is the time when you were most entangled


SocialCompass uses powerfull machine learning technologies to analyze the content of your emails and extract sentiments from it

See the percentage of happy emails you sent

And the stressed ones

See insights about how you improved, your events of today and how to be a better collaborator

Your weekly stats are here, get all the insights about how to keep your business running

See how to better interact with your co-workers